Trade Group Saves South West Heating Company 17% on Monthly Spend

Brimble are excited to add an additional installation company in the South West of England to its BEE Buying Group. After an initial meeting, outlining exactly what the buying group aims to achieve for installers, the company decided to take us up on our free 6 month spending audit to see exactly how their purchasing compared to other, similar businesses.

The BEE report showed that with an average spend of just under £21,000 per month spread across three merchants, the company could save 17% by switching to the buying group without altering any of their manufacturers of choice. This rose to almost 24% when possible manufacturer switches were taken into account, equating to a saving of over £3,500 per month or £5,000 if a switch were to be adopted.

Think your company could benefit from better purchasing or just want to confirm that you’re buying well (we like a challenge!)? Contact the team on 01373 831052 or email for more information and to arrange a meeting to discuss what we can do for your spending.

Team Brimble